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Hi-Q Protect the health of the whole family

H iQ stands for High Quality, with the vision of using environmental friendly biotechnology to develop "high-quality" marine health products. Through collaboration with leading universities and research organizations, Hi-Q developed an advanced manufacturing technology and extracted Olifuco® Low Molecular Oligo Fucoidan, the active ingredients from brown seaweed.With the base of science research evidences and clinical data support, Hi-Q has developed and innovated a series of brown algae functional products. 6 brands were launched to link different aspects of "healthy" life. And now, it has expanded to more than 3,500 distribution points, in over 13 countries, highly recommended by doctors, pharmacists and veterinarians.


Corporate social responsibility is the important core value of Hi-Q. Hi-Q commits to uphold the values towards the communities with protecting health of the whole family, and allow the circulation of resources reaching more people, aimed to create a nature, healthy and happy life!




Hi-Q's founder began to engage in practice and research of aquaculture, and successfully used biotechnology to develop a number of patented products and formulas.




Hi-Q was established. Hi-Q R&D team found that feed formula contained brown algae is an important key for immune regulation of grouper fish.


Year 2008


With the base of 10 years researches, Hi-Q successfully extracted the world's unique “Taiwan Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan/ Oligo Fucoidan” ingredient, and started development in the field of health supplement.


2009 won the "Taiwan Superior Brand Award"

In the following year, Hi-Q was awarded the “2010 Taiwan Healthcare Excellent Enterprise Award” and “Agricultural Biotech Industries Award”. Hi-Q innovated the ingredients into branded products. And soon, became the leading manufacturer globally.

Year 2009




Years of skincare research in lab led the discover of perfect extraction process for the highly active cosmetics ingredient from brown seaweed


Hi-Q used the extracts in formulation for the first set skincare products, and successfully launched in Mainland China market.


Hi-Q's products are developed upon scientific evidences. Scientific experiments and publications in international journals were devoted to ensure the efficacy of the product.

The precious kelp extracts is the heart of Hi-Q products, which are piled up into extremely powerful energy to give skin ultimate vitality.




In 2018, Hi-Q Brown Algae House was created, which combined industry, academia and experts network, to engage customer experience and become a platform to deliver social services.



Here you can learn how Hi-Q applies brown algae in products to promote well-being life, included supplements, skincare products, pets supplement and daily products. You can also taste the healthy and delicious brown algae cuisine prepared by the five-star chef .

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