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Hi-Q Protecting the health of the whole family

Hi-Q stands for High Quality, and our vision is to develop "high-quality" marine health products using "friendly" advanced biotechnology. Through collaboration with industry, government, academia, and research teams, we have adopted unique small molecule technology to extract "Olifuco®, Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan" from brown algae. After multiple scientific and clinical validations, we have developed a series of functional brown algae supplements, and currently have six brands that connect to different aspects of "health" living. We have expanded to more than 13 countries and over 3,500 distribution points, receiving professional recommendations from physicians, pharmacists, and veterinarians around the world.

Hi-Q upholds the spirit of integrity and fulfills corporate social responsibility while adhering to the

principles of "conscience and professionalism" to safeguard the health of families. At the same time, we

strive to promote the circular use of resources, spreading warmth to more people and creating a

natural, healthy, and happy life for humanity.

Expert in revitalizing skin with brown algae.

Since 1978,

One of the founders began practical work and research in aquaculture, and successfully utilized

biotechnology to develop multiple patented products and formulas.


Since 1998,

Hi-Q marine Biotech International ltd.

was established. The R&D team

discovered that adding brown algae

to the feed formula was a key factor in

protecting grouper fish.




After a decade of dedicated research into brown algae and utilizing the

combined research and development efforts of industry and academia, our

team has successfully extracted the world's only "Taiwan Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan" from the pure waters surrounding Taiwan. This achievement has opened up new horizons in the field of human health products.


Received the "Taiwan Excellence Award" and the following year was awarded "Selected Enterprise" in the Taiwan Bio and Agriculture Selection Competition as well as the "Gold Award for Technology-based Agricultural Enterprises." Our self-branded products and raw materials, derived from the "Taiwan Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan," have also expanded into the international market and become a major supplier.

In 2009


In 2015,

After years of dedicated research in skincare science in the laboratory,

we extracted precious ingredients from brown algae, achieving high levels of bioactivity. This allowed us to refine the first set of beauty series and skincare products and successfully enter the Chinese market.


At the same time, we devoted ourselves to various scientific experiments and published our findings in international journals to clearly present the core discourse on product efficacy. Each skincare product contains precious, refined, and highly effective Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan Extract, which are combined to create an incredibly powerful energy that infuses the skin with renewed vitality.

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