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Ocean Re-New® Cleansing Gel biodegradability test passed

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd. for the Ocean Re-New® Cleansing Gel to assess the biodegradability of its surfactants. The unique eco-friendly formula of the cleansing gel has a high degree of biodegradability and can be naturally decomposed by microorganisms. A third-party test revealed that its biodegradability rate exceeds 95%, mild and non-irritating.

Ocean Re-New® Cleansing Gel

Test items -

◤Biodegradability of anionic surfactants: Not detected

◤Biodegradability of nonionic surfactants: Higher than 95%

*Reference CNS4986 (Published date: September 24, 1968) and CNS4984 (Revised published date: November 29, 2016), custom method: TESP-UB-0139.

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