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Ocean Re-New® Blue Light Care Serum by primary irritant patch test

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd. for the evaluation of cutaneous tolerance of Ocean Re-New® Blue Light Care Serum by primary irritant patch test was conducted after the approval based on standard operating procedures of Ellead IRB in accordance with Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) regulations for approval regarding the

functional cosmetics (2020-131)1, Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) Safety Evaluation Guidelines2 and Draize Dermal Irritation Scoring System3 with clinical reading according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Standard Evaluation Procedure Dermal Classification System4 as the standard.

Ocean Re-New® Blue Light Care Serum

by primary irritantpatch test Results

1. Volunteers: 33 (final 31 females and 1 male, average age 47.06±8.27 years)

2. Results: The results demonstrated that Ocean Re-New® Blue Light Care Serum (#1) has the grade of “Negligible”.

Also the test product did not cause any special adverse skin reactions during the test period other than those foreseeable or concomitant positive reactions of patch tests.

*All testers have passed the sensitivity and skin irritation test, but it does not mean that all people will not have skin sensitivity or irritation.

Research organization:Ellead Co., Ltd.

  • The first professional institution for human clinical trials of cosmetics in South Korea

  • Registered Institutional Review Board (IRB) in South Korea and the United States

  • Developed multiple patented efficacy testing technologies

  • Assisted the MFDS in South Korea in establishing various cosmetic efficacy evaluation guidelines

  • Owns a database of approximately 50,000 Asian skin test subjects

Representative director:

Kyung Soo Byun President

Research director:

Tae Kee Moon, M.D. Dermatologist

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